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Retirement Success Program Assessments

Developed from over 30 years of empirical research, the purpose of the Retirement Success ProfileTM (RSP) is to provide people with valid and reliable quantitative data for their planning to lead enriched and fulfilling lives in their retirement years through developing their own unique vision of retirement. 

Created by a Leading Adult Development Expert

Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized researcher and spokesperson in the field of retirement and adult development, having written 10 books and lectured extensively in those fields. He is the former president of the American Association for Adult Development and Aging, and the founder of Retirement Options, an assessment, publishing and training firm offering consultation in mature career/life planning. Dr. Johnson is the creator of the Retirement Success ProfileTM (RSP) and the Retirement OptionsTM program.

The RSP has its original roots in the work of the life span developmentalists (Levinson, Sheehy, Gould, Valliant and McCory).  The notion of life span development is a later outgrowth of the career development work of Super, Westbrook, and Tiedeman.  These two concepts, life-long development and career maturity merge in the construct of retirement success and its measurement by the RSP.

The Measure of Success

Most of us spend appropriate and important time thinking about the financial aspects of retirement planning, yet many of us have not considered the emotional, physical and health-related dimensions associated with retirement.

The RSP identifies personal strengths and areas of focus across 15 Retirement Success Factors that closely affect retirement transition and planning.

Retirement Success Factors

Work Disengagement
Health Perception
Projected Life Satisfaction
Familial & Marital Issues

Attitude Toward Retirement
Financial Security
Life Meaning
Life Stage Satisfaction
Perception of Age

Personal Directedness
Current Life Satisfaction
Leisure Interests
Replacement of Work Functions

The RSP yields three scores for each of the factors:

  1. An Expectancy Score. This score measuring the amount of preparedness an individual believes he/she should develop or would like to develop prior to actual retirement. The goal is to be able to answer, “How prepared do I think I should be to enter retirement?”. This is in comparison to the over 20,000 people who have taken the instrument.
  2. A Present Behavior Score that measures the person’s current or actual level of preparation on the factors at this time. This part of the assessment is to answer: “How prepared am I to enter this new career development stage of retirement?” and;
  3. Variance score of the difference between Expectancy and Present Behavior. These scores identify the areas requiring the most focus in planning to be prepared for successful retirement.

The LifeOptions Profile­™

The LifeOptions ProfileTM (LOP) is a second empirically derived assessment instrument created by Dr. Johnson, measuring retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitude dimensions in six life arenas.

Career and Work
Family and Relationships

Health and Wellness
Leisure and Social

Finance and Insurance
Personal Development

A gap analysis shows levels of individual preparation across the dimensions and in comparison, to thousands of others who have taken the LifeOptions Profile.


The LOP is excellent for use in corporate and group settings, as well as for individual coaching use.

Get the Most Out of Your Assessment

Each of the two instruments can be very well applied when spouses/partners take the assessments together. Considering that couples make up a retirement team, when both are aligned in their plans and functioning, retirement life can be greatly enhanced.

Both the RSP and the LOP provide 20-page detailed reports of the individual respondents’ results for application to the design of a functional retirement life plan. There are no other retirement life planning tools extant with anything near the theoretical and empirical research depth, and the degree of data rich information available to the user. These assessments are only available from Retirement Options Certified Retirement Coaches, as at Finding Your Life, LLP.

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