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I’m Elgin Summerfelt
career planner & retirement coach

With over 30 years of experience, I offer scientifically-based assessments and expert advice to help individuals discover their paths to fulfillment.
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Individualized Services

One-on-one consulting and convenient online tools help you gain critical insight and make informed decisions

Lifestyle Planning for Busy People

Choose from flexible, convenient services that allow you to plan for the future on your own terms and at your own pace:

In-person meetings in the New England area
Web-based tools to help you discover your unique gifts
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Find Your Life
With evidence-based methods and individualized counseling

Wondering If I'm Right For You?

Sound Planning for Any Stage of Life

I have worked with individuals of all ages, from recent graduates to seasoned entrepreneurs to the newly and soon-to-be retired.

This experience has taught me that happiness rarely comes upon us be chance: delibrate self-reflection and planning are crucial steps on the path to personal fulfillment.

Whether you are an ingenue or a senior manager, whether you need the courage to change course or the discipline to continue steadily onward in the direction of your dreams, evaluating your current situation and preparing for the future is critical to success.


I have been professionally trained and certified by Retirement Options, Inc., the industry leader in retirement coaching certification and retirement readiness assessments.

My education and expertise covers every facet of the newly redefined retirement life: work, family, leisure, wellness, and personal development.

This wide-ranging background reflects my holistic approach to career and retirement planning, which integrates personal and practical goals for optimal success and fulfillment.

About Me

I have spent the past 30 years helping people successfully transition to the next chapter of their lives—and thrive—across diverse academic and professional settings

I was a former college career services counselor and recruiter and have worked for Bentley College, Drake University, Iowa State University, and Purdue. I also served as a nationally ranked outplacement consultant for Drake Beam Morin (DMB), where I co-pioneered DBM Latitude, the industry’s first virtual outplacement service.

I specialize in helping people cope with layoffs, career changes and early retirement by identifying hidden strengths and new opportunities. I served as a key member of the Retirement Life Planning team and hold a certification in Retirement Coaching from the internationally recognized Retirement Options, Inc.

I’m a certified administrator of personality and career assessment tools, using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Steps I & II) and the Strong Interest Inventory to pinpoint my client’s defining traits and professional strengths. I also employ the state-of-the-art Retirement Success™ and Life Options™ profiles for strategic retirement life design.

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